NEO Consulting is a preferred environmental services partner for Architects & Town Planners in Greater Sydney. Our team is fast, reliable and Council connected. We’ll get your projects approved while maintaining your personal service. 

How we help Architects & Town Planners:

  • Council-connected environmental consultants who understand requirements across Greater Sydney.

  • Expertise and qualifications in residential, commercial and industrial developments.

  • Trusted advice from environmental consultants that won’t add unnecessary services.

  • Continue your personalised level of client service with our responsive team.

Environmental Services for Architects and Town Planners

Behind the scenes, architects and town planners can find themselves working closely with a developer or property owner on every stage of project delivery. From planning to construction and completion, these project leads manage tight deadlines and Council restrictions to exceed their clients’ expectations.

NEO Consulting recognises the importance of delivering a high standard of client care at every stage of construction development. Our environmental consultants are friendly, responsive and experienced in creating environmental reports that meet Sydney Council criteria.


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Partnering with Architects

Architects are usually the first point of call for developers and property owners in need of environmental support on due diligence, site investigations, remediation and more. Typical environmental related requests to architects include:

Managing the Development Application (DA) proposal process to meet specific Council requirements.

A deep understanding of EPA, environmental legislation and new legal requirements for residential, commercial and industrial jobs. 

Council requested environmental reports: Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI), Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) and more.

A range of remediation options for contaminated land and Environmental Management Plans (EMP)

With the right environmental partner, architects can be fast and responsive to project needs as they arise. NEO Consulting has a network of environmental experts that are ready to manage the environmental needs of your client. Architects appreciate our speed, honest service scoping and personal customer experience. 

Try NEO Consulting for your next residential, commercial or industrial construction build. We’ll get your client’s next development approved and moving forward. 

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Partnering with Town Planners

Town planners can quickly find themselves managing a growing scope of environmental related responsibilities. To gain Council approval for your client’s township, you will need a deep understanding of local Council and environmental needs. Typical requests to town planners include: 

Lobbying local Council to rezone a construction development site.

Managing the Development Application (DA) process to gain fast Council approval.

Comprehensive environmental reporting including NATA accredited soil, groundwater and air quality testing. 

Implementing a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) to manage any land contamination, asbestos and hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

Partnering with an environmental consulting firm with extensive experience in meeting local Council needs can expedite approvals and get your project moving forward. What’s more, you’ll have a responsive environmental team on call for any environmental issues that arise throughout construction. 

Our environmental consultants help town planners in the Greater Sydney region and can often complete a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) within 1 week. For your next township, consider NEO Consulting as your environmental partner and see what our team can do for you.

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Large Commercial & Industrial Construction Projects

Architects and town planners can face enormous environmental challenges when managing large commercial and industrial construction sites. These projects need to meet stricter environmental standards, have higher risks of contamination and limited time frames to complete work. 

An environmental consulting team that is responsive and experienced in local Council requirements can be the difference between meeting or missing client timeframes and expectations. 

NEO Consulting is a preferred environmental partner to architects and town planners for our fast turnaround times, expert environmental reporting and reliable team. We’ll help you meet the necessary Council requirements while maintaining a personalised level of client service.

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