Asbestos & Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

Before any construction or demolition starts, get professional advice from our team of HAZMAT environmental experts. We’ll get your project moving forward while keeping your team safe.


Don’t risk it: NEO Consulting can get your site inspected and tested for hazardous materials within 1-3 days.

Our HAZMAT services:

  • Hazardous Materials Survey (HMS)
  • Asbestos inspection, NATA laboratory testing, removal and clearance.
  • Lead inspection, NATA laboratory testing, removal and clearance.
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Waste Classification: VENM, ENM, CT1, CT2, Asbestos Waste, Hazardous Waste
  • And more!

Our 3-step HAZMAT management:


Discovering hazardous materials on your construction site is a common problem that must be managed effectively to get your project back on track. Asbestos, lead, Synthetic Mineral Fibre (SMF), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) and other contaminants have been found on residential, commercial and industrial sites across Greater Sydney, NSW.

The right environmental partner can help you quickly identify, monitor and remove any risk if your construction site requires a Hazardous Materials Plan.

NEO Consulting’s 3 step HAZMAT management approach:


  • Contact us to schedule an inspection for your construction site. Same-day inspections are often available. Call us now.
  • Inspection from one of our expert environmental consultants. We collect samples and scan areas of potential contamination.
  • Inspection report: a professional report including recommendations on ongoing management and / or clearance will be sent to you.


Depending on the report findings and extent of contamination, you may require a Remedial Action Plan or Detailed Site Investigation (DSI). Whatever the case – we are ready to discuss your best next step to get your project moving forward.


When do I need to test for Hazardous Materials?


Although it is legal to remove Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) under 10 square metres, contamination can quickly spread to surrounding ceilings, floorboards, cavities and structures once removal begins. What’s more, new contamination sites can be uncovered after demolition and renovations have started. It is impossible to manage the potential risks to human health without professional inspection and laboratory testing and monitoring to industry standards.

Legislation is more strict for operating businesses. Under the NSW Work Health & Safety (WHS) Regulation 2017 a Hazardous Materials Survey (HMS) must be conducted to understand the presence and condition of asbestos in the workplace. A hazardous materials survey must be undertaken prior to demolition and an Asbestos Survey Management Plan is required for any workplace found with asbestos.

Before any construction or demolition works, we recommend a thorough contamination assessment of your site by a trusted industry professional. We always put safety first to reduce the risk of exposure to you and your team.

Our environmental experts are licensed, ticketed and PPE ready. Speak to us about fast and safe removal of your hazardous materials (HAZMAT) waste.


Testing quality to the highest industry standard

The threat of hazardous materials is an unfortunate fact for many building sites in NSW and our priority will always be the health and safety of people who face potential exposure. For employees, contractors, subcontractors, building owners and the general public, our management plans are designed to meet the highest industry standards for HAZMAT risk management.

For quality assurance and control, any testing of asbestos and hazardous materials must be undertaken by accredited experts. Our sample testing is always conducted in NATA accredited laboratories in the Greater Sydney area for reliable results. Our priority is to accurately identify on-site contaminations to prevent health and safety risks and get your project back on track.

    Asbestos and hazardous materials shouldn’t ruin your project timelines. Speak to our friendly team of experts to get you safely moving forward.


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