Does your development application (DA) require a CEMP?

NEO Consulting can help you complete a CEMP that gets your construction project Council-approved or prepared for tender. Here’s everything you need to know. 


 We aim for fast CEMP turnaround and never compromise on quality.

Construction Environmental Management Plan Sydney NSW


 What is a CEMP?

A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) is a common Council requirement in Sydney and NSW.

A CEMP outlines specific actions to be taken that prevent, control, and mitigate environmental and human impacts associated with the construction project. It outlines procedures for managing, monitoring, reporting, and responding to any potential environmental issues that may arise during the project.

A CEMP covers how you will meet the requirements of your particular local Council and industry standards.


A CEMP can include detailed reporting on:

  • Waste management
  • Soil and erosion control
  • Water management
  • Air quality
  • Noise and vibration impacts
  • Visual amenity
  • Hazards and risks
  • Aboriginal and non-aboriginal heritage
  • Vegetation and fauna
  • Landscape works
  • Environmental audits
  • *Other needs depending on your Council

We have existing relationships with local councils across the Greater Sydney Region and NSW. Start your CEMP today. 


Why do I need a CEMP?

A CEMP is now a routine Council requirement for new developments in Sydney and NSW. Since work cannot begin without it, a CEMP can become an unexpected and unwanted surprise. However, with the right environmental consulting partner, your development can get Council-approved and start moving forward.

The benefits of creating a CEMP in the early stages of site development include:


  • Saves time: forward planning is critical when managing multiple contractors, labour and site materials. Avoid any Council stopworks causing timely delays by reviewing your CEMP requirements early. 
  • Avoid unnecessary costs: every day delayed due to Council approval means labour wastage, moving timelines and unhappy clients. Don’t waste project costs waiting for Council approval.
  • Smooth project delivery: understanding your CEMP requirements is critical to start construction on time. By completing a CEMP early, you identify any environmental issues that may need further testing before the Council gives approval.


Avoid costly hold ups on your site development. Start your CEMP early so you have time to gather the information you need for approval.


Don’t let a CEMP throw out project timelines and stop work.

Speak to us about CEMP approval.


When do I need a CEMP?


A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) is often a prerequisite to site development needed by builders, earth movers, civil engineers, construction companies and more.

Whether you’re seeking Council approval or applying for competitive tenders, a robust CEMP that meets all requirements is critical. Here are some example situations where a CEMP is required:


  • Civil engineers that need a CEMP as part of the tender application for a new construction project.
  • Builders & earthmovers that need a CEMP for DA approval from the local Council. 

Avoid costly hold ups on your site development. Start your CEMP early so you have time to gather the information you need for approval. 



Our approach to get you Council-approved and tender ready:

NEO Consulting’s environmental experts are experienced in CEMP development and are ready to scope your project. Our process is designed to save you time and resources: we use the information you already have, so we only collect new information needed for approval. Here’s our 3 step process to developing a CEMP for your project: 


  • Gather existing information: your development may already have site reports and environmental assessments. We’ll request your current plans and collate this information to understand the gaps in your report. If no information is available, we’re happy to start from scratch!

  • Fill report gaps: we’ll start building your base report with existing information. If there are any information gaps needed to satisfy Council gaps, we’ll gather these details.

  • Complete CEMP: unless our site investigation revealed any need for secondary testing, we’ll compile all information and create a report that you can send directly to Council for approval.


Not all development projects and Council requirements are the same, so your CEMP may not require every step. Contact us to learn your project needs.

Why NEO Consulting?

Our environmental consultants have extensive experience in developing CEMPs that get site developments back in motion. We are fast, reliable and ready to get your project plans Council-approved and stand out in tender. Get in touch to learn how we can create a CEMP for your construction project.


Our expert team is ready to get you CEMP approved. Contact us today.


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