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NEO Consulting provides comprehensive environmental consulting services across Greater Sydney and NSW. Our roaming team of environmental experts are qualified to support residential, commercial and industrial developments. 


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Environmental consulting services we provide:

Site developments will usually require a qualified site investigation before building can be approved. Assessing the contamination status of onsite structures, soil, surface water, groundwater, vapour intrusion and air quality, waste management, disposal and other environmental conditions are critical for passing Development Application (DA) submissions and council approval. 

At NEO Consulting, we’ll work with you to ensure an efficient completion of your project and help prevent costly mistakes. We deliver projects on time and within budget, while complying with all local council, NEPM and EPA regulations. 

Our environmental consultants use a specialised approach that is fast, thorough and tailored to the unique needs of your project.


Phase 1 Site Investigation / Preliminary Site Investigation:

This first phase includes a documented site walk over and online research to review potential contaminations and historical site use. Our environmental consultants provide fast, robust reporting with conclusions and recommendations to get your development moving. Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) include:

Desktop environmental due diligence (EDD)

Historical site and surrounding investigations

Site investigation (walk over)

Soil and groundwater sampling (if required)

Development of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM)

Preliminary report & recommendations

Every development site is different – not all will require further phases. We pride ourselves on delivering only what your development plan needs to continue safely and meet council requirements.

Phase 2 Site Investigation / Detailed Site Investigation (DSI): 

If contamination and areas of environmental concern are identified during the Phase 1/PSI, you will need a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI). This report requires soil, vapour and/or groundwater sampling.

Our structured approach to sampling, including development of a Sampling Analysis and Quality Plan (SAQP) and mobile drilling tools, make  phase 2 site investigations fast and comprehensive. Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) include:

Soil, vapour and groundwater sampling

Delineation of potential contamination

Data gap analysis for unmapped site areas

Development of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM

Detailed report & recommendations


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Phase 3 / Remediation Action Plan (RAP):

If contaminates of concern  have been identified and assessed on the site, you may be able to proceed with the development by submitting to the regulator authority a Remediation Action Plan (RAP). This is a detailed report on how you will safely manage/remediate the site to a suitable level for the proposed future land use. Remediation Action Plans (RAP) will outline recommended site treatments including:

Dewatering management

Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination

Excavation and off site disposal of contamination

On site capping and  contamination

On site treatment and immobilisation

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Management of exposure including a Site-specific Management Plan

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Phase 4 Remediation Action Plan (RAP) / Site Validation Report:

Once the Remediation Action Plan has been implemented and contamination has been managed, a Site Validation Report is prepared. This report is submitted to  council for approval, and the site can be considered low risk to human health and ecological receptors. Your site development is ready to begin!


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