Need a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) report? If there’s suspected contamination on your development site, a DSI is your next step to gaining Council approval. NEO Consulting provides fast turnaround on DSI reports across Greater Sydney and NSW. We’ll get your project moving forward.

We’ll get your project moving forward.

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    Don’t let contamination stop your progress

    Contaminants found in soil, groundwater and site structures can present serious risks to human health and further environmental damage. If contaminants are found or expected on your proposed development site, Council will always seek to remove or reduce contamination to industry accepted levels. 

    A Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) – also known as Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment – is a professional report that helps you mitigate these risks and get land validated by Council for construction. A DSI will include:

    The type of pollutants found.

    Spread of on-site and off-site contamination.

    Recommendations for remediation works.

    Recommendations for ongoing environmental management.

    Partnering with a qualified, locally connected environmental provider is the best way to meet DSI requirements and Council needs. Our roaming team of environmental experts deliver DSI reports for residential, commercial and industrial sites across Sydney and NSW. We tailor site sampling and investigation to your requirements, allowing for faster turnaround times and cost-effective reports. 

    We’re fast, thorough and Council-connected. Partner with us on your environmental needs. Speak to us.

    When you need a Detailed Site Investigation (DSI)

    The level of contamination on your site will depend on historical activity and the type of proposed development, as Council regulations can vary across residential, commercial and industrial projects. The most common causes behind our clients requiring a DSI report include: 

    Land rezoning and use change proposals. 

    Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) report recommendation. 

    Council request for sites with high contamination potential. 

    Bank validation for the sale, purchase or refinancing of land.

    A DSI will usually build on insights and recommendations outlined in the Preliminary Site Report (PSI). The more efficient and informative your PSI, the easier it is for environmental experts to conduct site specific testing and analysis. 

    Our Sydney team of environmental consultants will visit your site to understand the extent of contamination. We conduct sampling on groundwater, soil, structure and other necessary environmental elements to meet Council needs for validation. If our team suspects contamination has moved off-site, we can conduct further sampling and analysis.

    NATA testing & environmental expertise

    High quality testing is critical to informing your Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) report and the likelihood of gaining Council approval. NEO Consulting conducts all testing in NATA-accredited laboratories across Greater Sydney and NSW for the most accurate results. NATA-accredited testing is the standard for most Sydney councils to gain site validation and DA approval. We maintain strong relationships with laboratories across the state so we can serve our clients fast and with guaranteed precision. 

    DSI requirements can vary depending on the proposed future land use. Our network of environmental specialists allow us to support projects of every shape and size. This includes large commercial and industrial projects that must adhere to specific NSW regulations, like those under the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) and the National Environmental Protection (Assessment of Contamination) Measure. Review our qualifications page to learn how we keep our clients compliant before, during and after construction. 

    Remediation works to get you back on track

    If contamination is discovered, the DSI will outline specific remediation works that will validate the land for construction. Our team of environmental consultants will help you reduce contamination levels to industry accepted standards. Our services include:

    Remediation Action Plans (RAP).

    Hazardous Waste Management Plan (HWMP)

    Site Management Plans (SMP).

    On site capping of contamination (asbestos, chemicals and other hazardous materials).

    Excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soil and hazardous materials..

    Groundwater remediation and dewatering treatment.

    Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination.

    Preparation and removal of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS).

    And more.

    NEO Consulting has the expertise and local Council knowledge to manage necessary remediation works and site validation. Gain a local environmental partner that can meet your needs today. Speak to our friendly team to schedule a site visit.


    We’ll get your site validated and safe for construction. 

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