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NEO Consulting provides environmental management plans (EMP) for residential, commercial and industrial development projects.

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Why do I need an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)? 

Managing the environmental impact of your site development is a basic requirement of most councils in NSW and critical to a project that runs on time.

An environmental management plan (EMP) outlines how your development could impact the local environment and actions to minimise or remove these risks. The goal is to avoid pollution damage and leave our local environment in the best state possible for future generations to enjoy.

Noise pollution, hazardous waste, soil and groundwater are just some of the areas that must be appropriately managed and monitored to meet Council and legislation requirements.

An environmental expert will audit your site to create a comprehensive EMP that monitors, measures, reports and safely guides your project away from any negative impacts.


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What are the different types of EMP?

Every development project will have its own environmental needs that must be managed. Council regulations and legislation will require different types of environmental plans depending on the size, scope and location of construction. For example: 

  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP): a comprehensive management plan that accounts for all areas of potential environmental impacts (air, noise, water, soil, social and more). EMPs can include a number of plan elements listed below. 

  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP): required by most NSW councils as a condition of DA approval, a CEMP is a plan for protecting the local environment throughout the entire construction process. Learn more. 

  • Operations Environmental Management Plan (OEMP): once construction is completed, an OEMP outlines the environmental controls in place to monitor operations and on-site maintenance (i.e damaged pipelines and contaminated soil). 

  • Remedial Action Plan (RAP): if there is contamination found on-site, a remediation action plan (RAP) or Hazardous Waste Management Plan will measure the extent of pollutants and outline strategies to manage this risk moving forward. Learn more.

  • Soil Management Plan: If soil contamination is discovered on-site, you will require a comprehensive management plan to measure and remove contamination sections. Speak to us about your project needs. 

  • Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP): this type of plan will scope the potential impacts to local neighbourhoods and businesses. If you have been asked for an ESMP, speak to us today.

We tailor Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) to your project needs.

EMPs for Residential, Commercial and Industrial construction projects:

A robust Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is now a regular need for construction projects of any shape or size. An EMP is designed to help commercial, residential and industrial construction projects to mitigate negative impacts on the environment. For example: 

  • A residential architect may need an EMP to ensure that the construction and design of residential buildings adhere to Council policies and legislation. An EMP will help the architect identify and plan for potential impacts caused by construction from noise, waste management, and energy consumption.

  • A commercial architect working on large-scale developments will require a comprehensive EMP. A commercial project may generate more waste, need more energy and have bigger site contamination than residential projects. It may also need to adhere to different legislation and Council requirements. 

  • An industrial architect will face much stricter Australian environmental laws and regulations for their site development. An EMP will mitigate common environmental issues associated with large-scale developments such as soil and water contamination, stormwater runoff and chemical spills.

NEO Consulting prepares Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We’ll get you moving forward.


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