NEO Consulting is the preferred partner to fuel and service stations across NSW for our fast, friendly and consistent service. Our team are experts in fuel tank and line-testing, well installation, routine monitoring and more.

NEO Consulting keeps your business compliant and your team safe.

Our services:

  • Tank and Fuel Line Integrity Testing
  • VR1 and VR2 testing and certification
  • Red Box Manifest of Dangerous Goods
  • Site specific plans and reports to meet Council, EPA and SafeWork requirements
  • Waste classifications and hazardous material (HAZMAT) removal 
  • Soil disposal offsite during site upgrade, rebuild or development
  • Tank Pit Validations and Full Site Validations
  • Installation of Emergency Manifest Containers, Spill Kits, Ground Tags, Caps, Seals, Water finding paste and any other Service Station / Fuel Depot requirements

Supporting the fuel & service industry 

Our roots lie in providing reliable, quality service to fuel and service stations throughout NSW. These stations are required to have a minimum of three groundwater wells, with routine six-monthly monitoring reports. 

Our team is highly skilled in well installation, ongoing monitoring and management, as well as fuel tank and line testing, tank decommissioning and removal, and more. Adherence to both NSW legislation and industry regulations is critical for fuel and service stations to operate safely and effectively in the state. 

We assist you in achieving the highest level of fuel quality and delivery, site maintenance, customer safety, and environmental protection. At NEO Consulting, we value ongoing client relationships to ensure we can meet your routine servicing needs.


Environmental consulting for Fuel and Service Stations

If you’re worried about potential runoff pollution, on-site contamination, or need a certified report for land valuation, our team of environmental experts also specialise in site investigations, remediation and validation.

Groundwater well monitoring can often uncover site contamination at fuel and service stations. If that’s the case, you will need a certified environmental provider to investigate, identify and remove contaminated land.

We provide Phase 1 Site Investigations (PSI) or Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) that will identify contamination areas with NATA-accredited soil and water sampling. With a certified report, we’ll create a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) to classify and remove polluted soil and hazardous waste, restoring your site to industry-accepted environmental levels. 

NEO Consulting is an environmental firm that understands the needs and compliance of the fuel and service industry. Our team of professionals are ready to help you safely manage environmental risks on your land.

Tank & line maintenance plus environmental support. Contact us today.

Financial valuations for service stations


Determining the property value for fuel and service stations requires an investigation for contaminated land and hazardous materials.

This understanding must come from an accredited environmental solutions provider that can conduct necessary on-site investigations (PSI, ESA and DSI), soil and groundwater sampling and NATA-accredited laboratory testing.

Our environmental consultants create certified environmental reports that identify contamination problems and map the appropriate next steps to remediation and site validation. 

We’ll give you an informed, professional report on the environmental state of your fuel or service station land.


Managing risks for your service station

Fuel spills or leaks can cause contamination of soil, groundwater or surface water, resulting in negative impacts on human health and local wildlife. Intrusive fuel vapours can also lead to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air causing pollution that can be harmful to human health. 

To mitigate these risks, various regulations have been established by industry, state, and council to govern fuel storage and handling. By adhering to these regulations, you can minimise the environmental risks associated with fuel and service stations.

As an established partner to the fuel and service station industry, NEO Consulting intimately understands the legislations and industry conditions that apply to your business. We’ll help you maintain compliance and mitigate risks, so you can focus on the business.


Asbestos and
Hazardous Materials

Remediation and




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