Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) reports are your first step to understanding land contamination and gaining DA approval. Even if it’s a surprise, don’t let it become a headache. NEO Consulting provides fast turnaround on PSI reports for sites in Greater Sydney and NSW. 

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    Need a Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) report?

    If you’re planning to build, excavate, demolish or dismantle on a land site in NSW, understanding the risks of on-site contamination is a critical first step. This is why most local Councils today will request a PSI report before approving your Development Application (DA). 

    Contaminants like asbestos and lead can be found in groundwater, surface water, soil, air and on-site structures. These pollutants present serious risks to human health and the financial viability of the land. Without a detailed report that clears your construction site from unacceptable contamination levels, your project is left vulnerable to legal and industry penalties. If you’re purchasing land, a PSI will uncover contaminants that can negatively impact the land’s financial value.

    NEO Consulting provides PSI reports to clients in Greater Sydney and all over NSW. Our clients are often asked to obtain a PSI report by:

    Local Councils before a Development Application (DA) can be approved. 

    Financial institutions before supporting the purchase, financing or sale of land. 

    Industry associations, like NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), before approving commercial or industrial projects.

    Environmental consultants reporting on contaminated land must be industry qualified and highly experienced. Your environmental partner is expected to complete reports in a timely manner and have existing relationships with the local Council, including a detailed understanding of each Council’s specific requirements.

    Although the need for a PSI may come as a surprise – it doesn’t need to become a headache. The right environmental consulting partner should provide you with a PSI report within 1-3 days that can be used for site validation or outline recommended next steps.

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    NEO Consulting’s approach to your PSI report

    A PSI report provides a high level assessment of contamination that may have been caused by past or present activity on the land. 

    Our team first conducts environmental due diligence research (‘desktop research’) of historical title information, DA approval and planning records, geological mapping, Contaminated Land Register, Environmental Management Register and more.

    If necessary, our roaming team of environmental experts will visit your site to conduct a ‘walkover’ to collect soil, water and/or site structure samples for certified laboratory testing. 

    We then collate this information and present you with a PSI. The report will outline any potential contamination or identified pollutants, then a verdict of acceptable or non-acceptable levels of land contamination. If contamination is significant, the report will give recommendations for further investigation.

    NEO Consulting prides itself on fast turnaround of Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) reports that meet Council needs. Don’t hold up your project with a PSI report with potential data gaps and missed requirements.

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    Contamination discovered on-site? Don’t panic! 

    We sometimes discover on-site contamination during our investigation. If this happens, our PSI report will clearly identify the expected types, scope and spread of contamination on site.

    Our report will also provide detailed recommendations on next steps. Partnering with an environmental consulting firm that can professionally manage the contamination on your site is important in the remediation process. A Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) report is often recommended if contamination is found as it provides a more in-depth analysis of the contamination. Our robust PSI reports pave the way for faster collection of on-site sampling and testing, leading to a quicker turnaround of your DSI report.

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