Contaminated Land: Remediation & Validation

Is contaminated land holding up your construction project?

Before demolition, construction or renovations can begin, your site will need a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) in place to safely manage and remove hazardous materials. NEO Consulting provides complete contaminated land remediation and validation services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings across NSW.


Our Remediation Services:

  • Site Management Plans (SMP)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site characterisation 
  • Preparation and removal of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS)
  • Groundwater remediation and dewatering treatment
  • Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contamination
  • Excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soil and hazardous materials
  • On site capping of contamination (asbestos, chemicals and other pollutants)


NEO Consulting can develop and implement a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) that is tailored to your project needs using a wide range of remedial options. 

 Following the completion of remedial works, NEO Consulting will produce a Site Validation Report to evaluate the success of contamination removal. This report is required for your construction site to be considered suitable for use and does not pose a  risk to human health and surrounding ecology. 



Support from start to finish: our approach to contaminated land remediation & validation


Remediation Action Plans apply to construction sites with contaminated land. RAPs are often needed for Development Application (DA) submissions and Council approval before construction can begin.

Contaminated land remediation can impact your project timelines – but with the right environmental partner we can get your site validated and back on track. Our site remediation methods are designed to get your construction site cleared to industry standards using the right environmental safeguards. To determine the best approach for your project, we consider:


  • Successful remedial outcomes we’ve used for similar construction sites
  • Short and long term protection to human health and ecology 
  • Reducing potential exposure and/or migration of on-site contamination
  • Minimising potential land restrictions from any remaining low-level contamination 
  • Approvals and standards set by the National Environmental Protection (assessment of Site Contamination) Measure, EPA environmental guidelines and regulatory bodies


Our environmental experts work hard to align your project goals and support the best environmental outcomes. Speak to us about getting your project back on track.

When do I need to test for Hazardous  Materials?


A comprehensive Remediation Action Plan (RAP) will pay dividends in the long term by identifying and containing issues before they become a problem. This is particularly true for large scale Commercial and Industrial projects that are situated on land with a history of contamination. Specifically, your RAP should future-proof your site by:

  • Reducing time and resources for ongoing monitoring, management and compliance of contaminated land, saving you headaches with regulators and future developments. 


  • Reducing financial risks associated with contaminated land and structures. This includes health risks to humans and environmental threats to local ecosystems.


  • Keeping you compliant with local legislation and Council needs. A RAP ensures you’ve met any specific regulations that your construction site must meet.

Safe for the environment and safe for you. Speak to us about developing a Remediation Action Plan (RAP) that meets your project needs. 


Basic expectations: quality assurance and control

The risks involved with contaminated land make quality assurance and quality control a critical factor to your Remediation Action Plan (RAP). Our environmental consultants are field experts and only test samples in NATA-accredited laboratories across the Greater Sydney Region. We are compliant with industry regulations and aim to reinstate your land to acceptable levels of contamination. Our environmental remediation experts will only put forward measures that are necessary to your project needs. Let NEO Consulting help get your project moving forward again. 


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