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VENM and ENM classification for your next construction project

NEO Consulting specialises in soil classification for construction sites across NSW. Before construction site soil can be moved, removed or imported, it must be officially classified under EPA legislation. The most common grades of soil found in NSW include:

Virgin excavated natural material (VENM): soil that hasn’t been farmed, built on or modified. This soil can be reused, removed or exported to another site.  Spread of on-site and off-site contamination.

Excavated natural material (ENM): excavated natural rock and soil with over 2% (by weight) unnatural materials. Recommendations for ongoing environmental management.

Other bulk waste including General Solid Waste (non-putrescible), Restricted Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste.

Classifying your soil is a step to get your construction project back on track. Within days, our team will visit your site to collect soil samples, conduct NATA-accredited laboratory testing and provide an official classification report. As environmental consultants local to the Greater Sydney and Western Sydney catchments, we understand the local Council and EPA requirements for grading soil in NSW. Speak to our team to avoid lengthy waits or liability risks. 

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Contaminated soil? Take the next steps to validation

If your soil tests reveal significant contamination, it will be classified as excavated natural material (ENM) or waste. In some cases, ENM can be reused on-site or migrated to other sites if contamination is within acceptable levels. Whatever happens, NEO Consulting has you covered. Our environmental experts will guide you on regulatory compliance to keep you and your clients safe from legislative liability. With extensive knowledge of local Council requirements on soil classification, our team will guide you through the best options for soil remediation, disposal or whether further testing is required. Land rezoning and use change proposals. 

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Don’t gamble with unclassified ‘clean fill’ soil 

Using or moving contaminated soil – unclassified or wrongly classified – can lead to major ramifications for your clients and your business. ‘Clean Fill’ soil that turns out to be hiding asbestos, lead or other pollutants can result in breaches of the POEO Act and large fines. In short – don’t risk it! Our environmental experts are ready to classify soil at your construction site and get you back on track. Save your development from unnecessary project stalls and liability with NEO Consulting, your local environmental partner.

Remove uncertainty with VENM & ENM classification. 

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